In order for us to best respond to your needs, we provide translations in over 30 languages, at express, standard, and economy deadlines. Our available languages are divided into groups, we quote you for your order depending on the complexity and delivery deadline of the required text. Whether you need translation into English, German, French, or Russian, whether your documents come from or will be used in Italy, Spain, Czechia, Poland, or Scandinavia, on another continent or in a country neighbouring Bulgaria, just contact us to make use of our services.


Legalization is a certification on a document attesting the veracity of the signatures and seals affixed thereon. Every document undergoes a difference legalization procedure depending on its issuing authority. Subject to legalization are both Bulgarian documents required abroad and documents issued abroad, which will serve in Bulgaria and have had the required extra stamps affixed on them in advance.

Legalization of documents

„Word Box” offers legalization of apostille-bearing documents, certification at all ministries and other government agencies and establishments in Republic of Bulgaria, as well as certification at the consular representative offices of foreign countries in Bulgaria.

Foreign documents

If your document is issued in a country other than Bulgaria, then the procedure for its certification is that the signature of the translator, who has translated the document, must be verified at a notary public’s office. The deadline and price are determined according to the translator’s workload.

Legalization of Bulgarian documents

The legalization of documents issued in Bulgaria is legally regulated and takes place at different institutions, the last of which is the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The deadlines and prices are determined according to the price lists of the relevant government ministries and agencies.


You may make use of our services when you need interpretation in situ.

We offer the following types of interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

Frequently asked questions

What is good for you to know about translations?

They are calculated based on the translated text, the BSS (Bulgarian State Standard) per translation page being 1 800 symbols, including spaces. What this means is that often the number of pages you see as a printout does not match the exact translation volume.

How can I calculate the translation volume?

You can send your text to get its volume calculated to or you can calculate it yourself in Word, using the “word count /characters with spaces/ option.

How can I order an unofficial translation?

When you need an unofficial translation, you can assign it online, via our request form or directly to our e-mail addresses. You will receive the translation in your email in return.

How can I order an official translation?

If you need an official translation bearing a sworn translator’s signature and our corporate seal, you can send us the documents via courier or deliver them personally to us, in our office at 24, Neofit Rilski St..

Is it possible to edit/correct an old text?

If you need to have an existing translation corrected or simply wish a professional to check an already made translation, we will contact an authorized translator, who will make the required changes. The price will amount to a certain percentage of the full price (for a new translation), depending on the volume of the corrections made.

What is simultaneous interpretation?

Our simultaneous/booth interpretation amounts to synchronized (the interpreter is listening to the speakers and translating as they are speaking). It is used in conferences, seminars, presentations, and other mass events. It is carried out by teams of at least two interpreters, who are taking terms over certain time intervals, the purpose being to ensure high-grade quality of interpretation, regardless of its time period.

What is consecutive interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation amounts to delayed interpretation in that the interpreter is listening to a portion of the speaker’s statement and then translates for the listeners. It is required in business meetings, interviews, notarization of deals, etc. The price is calculated based on what number of hours the interpreter is engaged for, the minimum billing time astronomical hour.