What are the cookies?


The cookies are small text filed recorded by your web browser on your computer’s hard drive. They are often used by websites as a tool for memorizing information for the web browser and the history of user activity therein, such as, clicking of various buttons, information about entry into the website and use of the website in recent months or years.


How does Word Box Ltd. use cookies?


Like many other websites, www.word-box.net also uses cookies. Word Box Ltd. uses cookies to enhance user experience while visiting www.word-box.net or using its functionality. We also use our cookies to upgrade our website to a level meeting user requirements and interests, by taking into account who have seen what pages and ads, how often do they visit particular pages, and which website pages are most popular among users. Along with carefully selected third parties, we use cookies to show the most relevant ads to our users.


In summary – we use the following types of cookies:


Analytical / Performance Cookies: We need these cookies to recognize and count the number of users on our website. In addition, they allow us to see how users move around the site when they are using it as well as to keep track of how they use it. This is useful to us because it enables us to improve the quality of performance of www.word-box.net, for instance to assist users who have visited our website in a timely manner to reach quickly and easily the information they are looking for.

Targeted Cookies: They have the function of memorizing visits to the links and users they have gone through to deliver ads relevant to the interests of various users. These cookies also have the ability to limit the number of paths in which an ad appears. They can be placed by us or by other advertising networks, with both our consent and user consent. Please note that the cookies do not contain personal information about users. To receive information as to how we manage cookies or to unsubscribe from various services and marketing activities, please read the text below.

By continuing to use www.word-box.net without erasing/blocking the cookies, you agree that Word Box Ltd. may place cookies on your device.

Cookie management

You can manage cookies by entering the setting of your web browser, which enable you to stop some or all of the cookies. Please, refer to the instructions of the web browser you use or seek online assistance via your web browser, in order to find out how you can manage cookies and so that you realistically manage cookies. You can also visit www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.com for information about and management of cookies.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you reject/erase the cookies we use, this would mean that you will not have access to the full functionality of our website www.word-box.net and may not gain access to some of the website’s sections.

Changes in this Cookie Policy

Word Box Ltd. aims to adhere to high standards, therefore, our policies, rules, and practices are subjected to ongoing checks and updates. From time to time it may be needed to update this Cookie Policy, so we recommend that you regularly check these pages in order to be aware of what our currently effective policies, rules, and practices are.


You may contact us with any cookie-related queries at: office@www.word-box.net